Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note ICS 4.0.3 Official Update Release,,,

Update utk ICS 4.03 bagi NOTE N7000 dh launch.. aku pn tatau bile kuar sbb ari Ahad, aku cek tadak lg.. tp malam tadi dh ada.. total file dia dalam 380MB.. 

Ada byk gak benda yg baru & yg aku pn x cover lg..so antara yg aku tau dan dh try adalah seperti apps S-Note, then perubahan dalam menu bahagian Settings.. 

Yang mana dh ada Data Monitor, Face Unlock, Display battery percentage then RAM pn bertambah menjadi 808MB..  Log yg lebeh kemas dgn icon phone & sms.. Gmail pn jadik cun jugak.. 
Kiranya, mmg pueh ati la.. aku tatau sama ada beberapa bug dh di fixed ataupn belum lg.. tp aku still tgh try antaranya kekdg Note hang sampai terpaksa cabut battery & torchlight yg xnak menyala..

Nnt2 aku dh survey dan lebey phm, aku akan share la kat sni.. so, wat suma user Note, update dh kuarr.. juz gi je Settings-> About Phone-> Software Update.. Enjoy ur update

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How To Increase Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Life ?


Smart-charge Your Samsung Galaxy Note Battery

If you want to increase your Samsung Galaxy Note battery life, it’s important to charge your device only when the battery level drops under the 10% level. Each battery has a charging pattern, and most of them are optimized to store maximum of power when they are charged below the 10% level.

Also use the original AC charger you received with your Samsung Galaxy Note for a better charging and an increased battery life. Charging your device using the USB data cable plugged in to the computer is not good for the health of the battery. The electric power coming from your USB port fluctuates and this might damage your Samsung Galaxy Note battery.

Samsung Galaxy Note Battery Maintenance

As you probably noticed, the Samsung Galaxy Note battery has some golden pins at one end. Actually they are some contacts that send the power from the battery to your device. By pulling the battery out to often the pins get loose, affecting your Samsung Galaxy Note battery life, as they won’t connect with the socket.

Also, we recommend you to clean the golden pins of your Samsung Galaxy Note battery from time to time. Do this once in two month, and use a dry cloth and gently rub the pins to remove dust, or any alien parts, for a better contact.

Do Not Use Samsung Galaxy Note Live Wallpapers

The Live Wallpapers also drain your battery faster when activated, so it’s recommended to use a wallpaper with no animations. So, if you want to improve your Samsung Galaxy Note ’s battery life, it’s best to use regular wallpapers. But if you want to further save battery, use darker wallpapers.
The screen brightness eats battery, so the brighter the screen is the shortest the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy Note will be. It’s advisable to keep the screen brightness as low as possible and not to use the “Automatic brightness adjustment” option. To turn this option off, go to Home > Applications > Settings > Sound and Display > Brightness.

Use Samsung Galaxy Note Power Control Widget

As you probably know, Samsung Galaxy Note is using Android 2.3 Gingerbread as OS. So on any of your homescreens you will be able to choose from different windgets. Wi Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and Screen Brightness are the biggest battery drainers, so it’s recommended to have them turned off every time they are not in use, and that’s what the Power Control windget does for you.
To install the Power Control Widget all you have to do is tap and hold on a clear area of any of your homescreens. Then a “Add to Home screen” window should appear. Go to Android Widgets and locate the one called “Power Control,” then move it any of your device’s homescreens.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Game Week 37 Tips - Fantasy Premier League 2012

Mark Schwarzer (Fulham)
Wojciech Szczesney (Arsenal)

John Arne Riise (Fulham)
Tomas Vermaelen (Arsenal)
Patrice Evra (Manchester United)
Tony Hibbert (Everton)

Steven Pienaar (Everton)
Martin Petrov (Bolton)
Clint Dempsey (Fulham)
Raphael Van Der Vaart (Tottenham)
Adel Taarabt (QPR)
Robin Van Persie (Arsenal)
Nikica Jelavic (Everton)
Papiss Cisse (Newcastle)

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