Monday, January 31, 2011


This few days, I think a lot of harder things come and go away either it has been settle down @ still pending for an action.. It’s quite tense out there with everything look like go wrong..

After teaching the primary school about 1 months, last sabtuday, I had to admit the facts that I already lost Adam because he don’t want to come to the tuition anymore.. The reason that been told by Mariam (Adam Sister), that Adam don’t like to do writing exercise in the class.. The exercise also quite heavy especially for the Mathematics and Science..

It’s also hard 4 me to control Raziq & Tarmizi. Tarmizi look like a “special” student.. he like to talking alone sometime and doesn’t want to hear any of my word.. Raziq plak some kind of talkative person.. Everything either related @ not related, he will ask to me..
Sometime, it is annoying to heard non relevant question..

But, what do I need to expect from this student. They still young & dunno anything about their life.. Hope, I can do my job to help them to gather something..

In the physics class plak, Haida didn’t come to the class last week.. Her friend also dunno what happen to her.. it’s affected my class because I don’t want to repeat about Interference anymore.. I’m targeting to finish chapter 1 by this Wednesday & can make some test for them on this Sabtuday evening..

Cikgu Khairul also want to blah already.. Now, he teaching at Damansara & Shah Alam.. he gets RM55 per hour.. And he only attend 1 hour class per day.. he also have a target to open a class at the shopping complex around the Damansara.. the facts is, he is really good in teaching..

I also learn from him about physics.. but, when he quit from our tuition center, it will affect my class also.. because nowadays, tuition center will provide a package for the subject. Means, they also already arrange the timetable.. means, there are possibility that the student class will be clash with my class…

So, the best option for them is to blah & take physics at the new tuition center.. then, I will lost my gaji looo.. on this week holiday, I will continue with my plan to make a tuition class at the home.. hope, I will get at least 5 student..

Then today, instead of tired and sleepy at the bank, I also got my 1st complain from the customer.. Stupid btoi customer tuh.. mende kecik je pn.. he complaint directly to the Manager because I send his copy to the address that been written from Merva Message.. Because the applicant indicate the address on his message..

The customer get anger because he want me to send the copy to the address in our system (in the other state).. i just assume (my mistake) that the cust already pindah @ wateva, then, I send to the another address that been indicate in the message..

Small matter laa. Dia dapat gak copy tuh.. it’s not an issue pn.. then, bknnya ada somebody yg buka surat dia tuh pn.. sama la gak.. dapat gak kt tgn dia..

Then finally, about our Malaysian attitude.. some of us may look very racist by perlekehkan kaum lain.. itu tak kena, ini tak betol.. but, there’s a lot of similarity among us doesn’t matter what race u R??

Our Malaysian like to do their work last minute.. There a lot of customer that come to the premis today and ask for a new note.. Around 11 a.m, the notes finish already.. how come they can get anger?? We not creating the money.. The stock also given follow by the head bank..

We has open the counter to change the new notes from last 2 weeks.. Enough of time for me, I think la.. but, when there a few days more nak raya, arini baru la nak klam kabut tukaq duit.. sama la time Hari Raya @ any festive season that participate the new notes.. I’m suggesting for all of my friend to plan your schedule @ whateva to make sure u can get what u want..

Remember, that normally the new notes will be given 2 @ 3 weeks before the raya.. so, if u malas nak dtg ang ask, u can simply pick up ur phone ask call the premis.. Nothing we can do if the notes finish already.. It’s not our mistake.. Our job is to do what we need to do.. we try to do the best to help the customer.. Should, everybody must plan what they must do because the premis will close for 2 days.. So, if you need to prepare for the small notes especially for the kedai minyak one, so, start change the notes from early of the month.. don’t just come to the premis and hope that u will get what u want.. we not a supermarket @ hypermarket..

And also, no need to klam kabut come ramai2 today because the premis still open until this Wednesday.. rilek la skit.. stakat yg simple2 transaction, tunggu la esok.. kalo dh suma pakat nak datang in the same time, don’t blame us if u need to wait for a long time..

Maybe there a lot of people that don’t agree with me, but remember, if u sit at my place, what would u feel?? And the most important, we have a guideline & procedure.. That how we do our work.. Imagine that if someone come to your house & make it like his own house.. Create a mess, taking whatever they want @ juz leave the trash everywhere in the house, what would u feel?? U will get mad right?? Why?? Because u have your own ways @ rule in your house..

When u respect others, u will get more.. 


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Game Week 25 Tips - Fantasy Premier League

Check out the tips below


    * Van der Sar (Man Utd)

Worth Considering

    * Reina (Liverpool)


    * Vidic (Man Utd)
    * Hangeland (Fulham)
    * Skrtel (Liverpool)
    * Djourou (Arsenal)

Worth Considering

    * Cahill (Bolton)
    * Baird (Fulham)


    * Nani (Man Utd)
    * Fabregas (Arsenal)
    * Meireles (Liverpool)
    * Dempsey (Fulham)

Worth Considering

    * Brunt  (West Brom)
    * Walcott (Arsenal)


    * Berbatov (Man Utd)
    * Van Persie (Arsenal)
    * Odemwingie (West Brom)

Worth Considering

    * Keane (West Ham)
    * Tevez (Man City)

Captain Pick

    * Berbatov (Man Utd)
    * Fabregas (Arsenal)
    * Dempsey (Fulham)


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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I’m really busy this week... a lot of thing happen and need my attention such as Branch Operation Control coming to our branch & monitor on what are we doing either we are following the guide line @ not.. But their present at the branch are welcome after they call us to attend branch meeting last Tuesday.. From the meeting, a lot of thing been explain & need us to take action..

They also some sort to guide & help us to make our job better.. But, I already do a mistake by miss look at the customer application form that was needed the manager to counter sign on the form.. but, I took it as a positive thing to make my work better after this..

Then, I also need to do same revision about Diffraction.. This is because on the last topic, Ummul cannot understand about the Refraction.. Although I already try to explain in a simplest way, but she still cannot make it.. I’m glad because Rahmatun & others can understand the concept and the example.. 

Alhamdulillah, yesterday class going well.. Ummul can recall back about the refraction and can explain back to me about the characteristic & the concept.. Now, I’m just worried about Haida & Saleha.. They cannot understand English.. It’s hard to explain the word one by one.. But, I take the challenge because at the same time I also can learn & make myself better.. 

Another things, I only got a chance to cycling today.. but, it’s late already, so I’m just cycling around my place and do some climbing for about 20 minutes.. 

Finally, the main thing that can be proud of is about my attendance.. no MC for this month.. I challenge myself to came work every day & keep my health maintain in the good way.. 



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Saturday, January 22, 2011

3rD riDe..

Salam .. rajin aku update blog skang.. huhuhu.. bkn pe, excited bila ngayoh ni.. bdn pn sehat.. jangka masa utk bertahan lewat mlm pn lebih lama.. uhuks..

Malam ni boring la gak.. xkuar memana.. dok umah je.. then, aku stady la skit pasai ISO.. busan kot.. “How may I help you?” ahahah .. wtf ?? suma mende nk kena sopan santun.. sampai thn depan pn tak siap keja.. argh.. lantak laa.. janji aku dh tgk buku ISO nih.. ingt or x, blakang kira.. tp, tadak la susah sgt pn.. suma mende lam buku ni mengajar ke arah kebaikan & kesupanan.. walhal, mende ni, dh lama aku apply dalam diri aku.. ahahaha.. jgn sakit ati plak.. 

So, ptg td, aku ngayoh cam besa.. Cuma, lewat skit, dh kul 6.45 baru aku kayoh.. kaki makin sakit kat tepi lutut ni.. otot2 mulai keras menandakan kesakitan jika melipat kaki.. So, ptg td, aku keep on cycling.. tp yg bestnya, badan rasa lebey ringan dan tenaga cam lebih byk..

Tenaga?? Maybe sbb aku bedal mee goreng mamak yg mak aku blie kat Cashier Market tu kot.. pedas siot.. smpai  je kat roundabout jejantas sri kota, aku ala2 wat2 xnmpk turn tuh.. saje nak ngayoh jauh.. elok je lepas roundabout tu, bila jalan dh stat mendaki skit.. perghh, cam nyesal gile kot.. ahakz..

Tp aku trus kayoh gak, gara2 smgt byk mata yg memandang.. maklumla, jersey puteh, beskal putih, dgn spek itam lg time2 nak maghrib.. mmg mcm Ashraf Muslim.. wink!! wink!! ..

  Ashraf Muslim in Da House

Aku ikut trek lama aku.. sampei je kat simpang nak masuk A.Rahman, aku pn trus kona.. ikut pjbt tanah, then trus menghala ke Taman Tasik Taiping.. time tuh, aku nampak 1 couple ni dok kat tngga pejabat tanah.. adakah dia Hazman ?? bukan.. sbb mamat ni mmg takley blah.. yg si awek tuh plak (bkn Mar) ala2 nangis.. aku dgq la.. sok sek sok sek.. then aku sempat dgq “maaf la ma” . wakakakaka eyeye.. cam gampunk.. tak bley bla siot.. bukan la nak ngeji, tp.. haduh.. serba salah kalo pendam.. dgn dok pakei baju ujan, misai cam tak pnah trim.. ahahah.. dh la.. bdosa je..

Then, bila nak masuk je area Taman Tasik, aku tgk bukit pn dh gelap.. dh nak Maghrib nih.. jd, aku pn patah balik.. trus balik ke umah ikut Bomba.. bleh tahan pnat gak arr.. tp steady beb.. time nak kayoh naik bukit nak balik umah tu je.. tak ley blah.. rasa cam nak tolak beskal.. tp gara2 byk keta plak lalu lintas, utk maintain Ashraf Muslim, aku kayoh gak kot.. senget2 dh pungung aku paking kat seat..  

Time skolah dulu, aku rasa steady je kot aku naik bukit taman ni.. ke, bukit taman aku ni makin membesar?? Hurm.. musykil.. pergh.. Bukit?? Besar?? Isk2.

Fokus2.. akhirnnya aku slamat sampai ke umah.. dan yg paling tak best, jambu dgn betik dah kena simpan.. tak dan nak pau.. aku rasa, arini aku dapat lebey dari 15km kot.. kira ok la.. ari ke 3 ngayoh dh ley pegi jauh.. bukan aku guna Shell V Power pn.. ahaha.. 

So, esok pn kalo tadak obstacles, maybe I akan proceed dgn kayohan i.. I aim to get at least seround kat lake garden.. 4km kot seround tuh.. huhuhu.. so, nnt kan kayohan aku esok.. ahaha


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